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Widget Creation

Widget Types

Did you know Convertful offers five different types of widgets? This includes pop ups, inline boxes, scroll boxes, floating bars and welcome screens. Find out all about them here.


Customizing your widgets is easy. You can change everything you need, from fonts, colors, background images, and anything else. This makes it easy to achieve a look that matches your website.

Display Rules

Display rules help you control when your widgets are going to show, where, and for how long. Discover how to set up your widget using display rules.

Button's Actions

How do you set up button actions for your widgets? You can configure your buttons for many different actions, according to the widgets you have chosen.

Floating Action Button

What is a floating action button, how do you create one and how do they work? Find out everything about Convertful's floating action buttons here.

Embedding Inline Widget

Depending on how you set up Convertful on your website, there are different ways to embed Convertful's widgets on your website. In this page, you'll find three ways to do it.

Facebook Pixel

You can track actions on your Convertful widget using JavaScript. This can be achieved by using Display Rules. This also includes the Facebook Pixel, which is frequently used.

Why widget isn’t showing?

Not seeing the Convertful widget on your website? Here, we share some common reasons why your widget might not be displaying and how to fix it.

Dynamic Text Replacement

Dynamic text replacement allows you to set up your widgets to adapt to each website visitor. To create these rules, use shortcodes. We show you how in this tutorial.


If you want to convert your website visitors into email subscribers, using a spin to win widget is very effective. Find out here how to set up a spin to win widget.

Scratch Card

Did you know gamification is quite effective when it comes to collecting contact data? We offer a scratch card pop up that you can set up in your website.

Event Tracking

In this article, we show you how to create trackable events for your widgets using Convertful. You'll find it's quite easy through our Display Rules!

Reading Data from URL Parameters

Did you know you can use URL parameters to keep track of your widget activity? It is quite important when it comes to form personalization.

Blur Effect & Locking Content

With Convertful, you can create a blur effect on the background behind your widgets.

Quiz Or Survey With Segmentation

Want to create multiple steps quizzes or surveys with different possible outcomes for your website. Integrate Convertful with a CRM like Platformly and send the results automatically to your CRM, using segments and tags to filter out the results.

Targeting by Tags & Custom Fields

Want to target visitors to your website using the tags or custom fields that you have created in your Email Marketing Platform, sometimes referred to as Email Service Provider (ESP), here's how to do it.

Show Only If Display Rules (Targeting)

Want to choose precisely which pages and under which conditions the widget should appear, you can do this using "Show Only If" display rules. Here's how to set it up.

Widget Settings for Mobile

You can change how a widget will display on mobile by clicking on the mobile icon located at the bottom left of the widget editor.


Create banner advertisements that include graphic images, texts and links to another page on the same website or to external websites e.g. an advertiser’s website.

Chat Bubbles

Chat Bubble allows you to show a floating chat bubble which, when clicked, initiates a scroll box or pop-up (with one or multiple steps).This can help increase visitor engagement, email subscribers and sales conversion rates.

Scroll Box

A Scroll Box is usually a vertically-oriented widget that appears at the side of the screen. It is commonly used to attract visitors’ attention without overlapping the content or disturbing the readers.


A pop-up is a type of widget that appears in a layer above the content, with or without overlay.

Floating Bars

A Floating Bar like its name suggests is a thin bar that floats usually at the top or at the bottom part of the screen. It covers a small part of the visitor's screen, thus not disturbing them from reading the content.

Welcome Screens

Like its name suggests, this type of widget is a screen that welcomes visitors to your site and appears in the overlay, covering the entire screen. It is impossible for visitors to miss this content.

Shadow Effects

With Convertful, you can create eye-catching pop-ups with both basic and advanced shadow effects.

Countdown Timers

Fear of missing out, or FOMO, can be leveraged in your CTAs to increase subscriptions and sales. One of the best ways to do this is to use a countdown timer.

Progress Bars

In your widgets, you can use progress bars to give visitors a slight push to perform the next step.

Rating Fields

In the Widget Editor, under the “Form Fields” element, you can add a rating field.

Social Media Buttons

With Convertful, you can add the following social media buttons to your widgets: Facebook like button, Twitter follow button, Instagram follow button, LinkedIn follow button and Pinterest save button.

Share Buttons

You can add the following share buttons to your widgets: Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest