Convertful Knowledge Base Widget Creation Why widget isn’t showing?

Common reasons why you might not see the widget on your site

Reason 1. Incorrect Script Installation #

You need the Convertful script code inserted on all the pages, where you want your widgets to appear. 

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One of the common issues is the script code inserted on one page only (which allows confirming connection) and not on the others. To resolve this issue follow our guidelines on connecting Convertful with different site platforms.

Alternatively, you can use the plugin, which will paste the correct script for you, once you log in to your Convertful account from it:

Reason 2. Script Minification and Optimization Plugins #

Some third-party plugins for script optimization and minification might change or even block script codes. This might result in Convertful script code not working and thus widgets not displaying. If you're using this kind of plugins, create an exception for 'Convertful.js' script in such plugin's settings. 

Reason 3. Coming Soon Themes #

Most of temporary 'Coming soon' site themes, which are the common solution for sites that are currently under development, block all the scripts by default. If you want your widgets to appear on 'Coming soon' page of your site, you can insert the script code manually in the theme's settings or as a custom HTML block on 'Coming soon' page. 

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Also, such themes might have specific settings for allowed scripts. In this case, create an exception for 'Convertful.js'.

Reason 4. Display Rules #

In your widget's Display Rules tab, you got the Don't Show If options, which, being specified, could intentionally block widget from appearing if you've already seen, closed, or subscribed with it while testing. To make sure that widget appearing and working as intended, perform tests in browser's incognito mode (which grants the cleared brand new session and cache).

Reason 5. One Widget at a Time #

In your widget's Display Rules tab, Don't Show If options, you got the activated by default option called 'Any other floating widget is currently shown'. This option prevents floating widgets (pop-ups, scroll boxes, floating bars, welcome screens) from popping up on top of each other. Thus, with this option specified, you might not see the second widget until you dismiss the previous one.

This approach 'One widget at a time' protects your audience from being spammed and annoyed by your widgets and considered the best practice. However, you can disable it by simply deactivating the checkbox in widget's Don't Show If display rules.