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Dynamic Text Replacement

In this article, we'll describe how you can use the information provided by your subscriber to personalize the follow-up text and offers. 

Shortcodes #

When editing the text of your widget, you can add shortcodes by clicking the relevant icon "{ }":


Shortcode will replace itself with the relevant data, provided by the subscriber. Thus, the subscriber will see the personalized version of the offer: 


Shortcodes with Default Values #

For certain use-cases, you might want to use the same offer both for new visitors and subscribers. In this case, you'll need a default shortcode value to display, when you don't yet know the visitor's personal data. 

For this case, we added support of default value in a format:  


For example, if we create an offer like the one below, we might use the shortcode:



This way subscribers will see the personalized version of the message, and new visitors - the default one: 


Shortcodes Validation #

Shortcodes got built-in validation, marked by the color. Green is for valid and red - for invalid. Those colors are only for the builder, intended to help you set up widget correctly and use proper code/syntax: 


Note, that valid shortcodes will be replaced with the value (provided by the subscriber or with the default one) and invalid will be pasted as is, as a regular text.