Display Rules

Show When (Triggers) #

A number of display triggers defining what action should make the widget appear. You can set them up in the widget's Display Rules tab: 


Show Only If (Targeting)  #

This section of Display Rules tab allows you to choose precisely on which pages, under which conditions the widget should appear:


Multiple Targeting Conditions #

When adding multiple Show Only If conditions, you can use 'and' to check conditions together and 'or' to set up multiple groups of conditions, that work independently. 


Geo-Targeting #

Note, that among Show Only If conditions you can also find items related to geo-targeting, and thus display widgets based on the country, region, and the city: 


WordPress-Specific Targeting #

There's a number of targeting condition that becomes available only if the site was connected with the Convertful account via our plugin


Don't Show If #

A number of conditions, defining when the widget shouldn't appear. These were designed to prevent spammy widget behavior and displaying of non-relevant and previously excepted offers: 


Tracking Pixel Code #

This code is the optional JavaScript canvas allowing to execute scripts when the widget appears on a visitor's screen. It's a handy tool for tracking events via Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel code.