How to Connect Convertful with Sendy

With Convertful you can easily integrate your account with Sendy and use widgets to grow and segment your mailing list. Just follow the guide below to set up Sendy integration and set up relevant actions.

Connecting Integration #

In your site’s Integrations tab, add new integration by choosing Sendy from the list. It will request your resourse URL, API key, and list ID, which you can find in your Sendy account settings. Go to your Sendy Settings section. Here you can see the cell where you can copy API key from. If there are no keys, you can Regenerate API Key to have one:


To find your List ID pick the relevant brand, then press View all lists link and point your mouse cursor at the ID column of the list that you need. Here you can see the cell where you can copy your list ID from:


Fill in the credentials and press the Connect button:


Once Sendy is connected, by default, each widget will automatically add subscribers to your default list (specified during connection). But you can always specify custom list manually for each specific widget while editing its button's actions.

Mapping Custom Fields #

Each Convertful field got a name, which you can see in the left column of Custom Fields control. You can assign these fields to your Sendy list's custom fields, by specifying which custom field on the Sendy's side should be used for each Convertful field.


Actions #

When editing your widget's button, inside its settings you can see “On Submit Actions” / “On Click Actions” which you can use to perform actions provided by Sendy integration: 

  • Add subscriber with default settings
  • Update custom field


To add an action, just press the On Submit Actions button, the relevant Add Action button after, and choose the action from the integration-related list:


Sendy Version 3.0.7 and Higher #

Starting from Sendy version 3.0.7,  you can send agreement checkbox related to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and apply the relevant tag in the Sendy's list interface. To use this feature, add the agreement checkbox field to your Convertful widget and specify the 'gdpr' name for this variable inside Sendy settings: