How to Connect Convertful with SendPulse

With Convertful you can easily integrate your account with SendPulse and use widgets to grow and segment your mailing list. Just follow the guide below to set up SendPulse integration and set up relevant actions.

Connecting Integration #

In your site’s Integrations tab, add new integration by choosing SendPulse from the list. It will request your rest API ID and rest API Secret key, which you can find in your SendPulse account settings. Go to your SendPulse Account settings, section API:


Here you see both ID and Secret to copy data from. If there are no keys, you can Activate REST API and press Generate to have one.

Fill in the credentials and press the Connect button:


Default Settings #

Once SendPulse is connected,  by default, each widget will automatically add subscribers to your default list which you can choose in the settings.


Note, that default settings are not mandatory and you can always specify custom lists manually for each specific widget while editing its button's actions.

Actions #

When editing your widget's button, inside its settings you can see “On Submit Actions” / “On Click Actions” which you can use to perform actions provided by SendPulse integration: 

  • Add subscriber with default settings
  • Add subscriber to address book
  • Update custom field


To add an action, just press the On Submit Actions button, the relevant Add Action button after, and choose the action from the integration-related list: