How to Connect Convertful with MPZMail

Integration is under development

You can easily connect Convertful widgets with MPZMail to grow your mailing lists and create email automations. Follow our step-by-step guide on how to integrate MPZMail with Convertful.automations. Follow our step-by-step guide on how to integrate MPZMail with Convertful.

Step 1: Choose MPZMail Integration #

First, you need to choose a service to integrate with. When editing a widget, go to the Integration tab:


Next, choose MPZMail from the list of available email providers:


You can add a new MPZMail account, filling in its credentials:


Account Name is an internal value that you will be able to use to identify this particular account in account lists.

Step 2: Get your MPZMail API Key #

To find the Account API Key go to your MPZMail Account Settings section, Overview page. Here you can see the cell where you can copy your API key from:


Step 3: Enter the API Key #

Now you got all the data you need. Fill the credentials and press the Connect with MPZMail button:


Step 4: Choose a Group #

If the API Key is correct, Convertful will connect to your MPZMail account to fetch your email groups. Now you can choose an email group to which your subscribers will be added:


Once finished, don’t forget to save the changes (using the Save button in the top right corner).

Integration complete! Now all subscribers who opted-in using this widget will be added to your MPZMail group.