How to Connect Convertful with Infusionsoft

With Convertful you can easily integrate your account with Infusionsoft and use widgets to grow and segment your mailing list. Just follow the guide below to set up Infusionsoft integration and set up relevant actions.

Connecting Integration #

In your site’s Integrations tab, add new integration by choosing Infusionsoft from the list and press the Connect button. After, you'll see a confirmation dialogue, where you need to press the Allow button:


Default Settings #

Once Infusionsoft is connected, by default, each widget will automatically add subscribers with the default settings that you specify in the integrations’ settings.


Note, that default settings are not mandatory and you can always specify custom lists and tags manually for each specific widget while editing its button's actions.

Mapping Custom Fields #

We try to find the most relevant Infusionsoft custom field for every Convertful field automatically. But if you need to fine-tune which fields we should use, you can do this in the integration settings, by editing Custom Fields list:


Actions #

When editing your widget's button, inside its settings you can see “On Submit Actions” / “On Click Actions” which you can use to perform actions provided by Infusionsoft integration:

  • Add contact with default settings
  • Add new tag to a contact
  • Remove tag from a contact
  • Add contact to campaign sequence
  • Remove contact from campaign sequence
  • Create an opportunity for the contact
  • Change the contact's opportunity stage
  • Set lead source
  • Update custom field
  • Add a note to contact

When updating custom fields you can send the dynamic data to the integration:


Widgets Display Rules #

Once the integration is connected you’ll be able to use the new Show If targeting options in the widgets’ Display Rules:


Identifying Visitors #

To target widgets by the integration’s data, Convertful needs to identify a visitor. This happens when either:

  1. The visitor submits his/her email address via one of your widgets.
  2. The visitor opens your site with the special conv_email tracking parameter that contains his/her email address.

So you can add the:


to your Infusionsoft emails’ links, and when your subscribers open these links, they will be properly identified for targeting rules:


In Convertful, Site > Subscribers section, you can view the synchronized custom fields for each of the identified subscribers.