Convertful Knowledge Base Site Connection Managing Sites and Domains

Managing Sites and Domains

Adding New Site #

Adding new site is click-simple. Just open your sites list and press the Add Site button. Take a look at our illustrated guides on connecting different site platforms and custom websites.

Note, that the number of connected sites is limited by your subscription plan which you can track in your Convertful account's Billing section.

Using Multiple Domains #

Sometimes you might want to connect more that one domain (testing environment, sub-domains, etc.) to your site and create widgets for all domains in this list. In this case, go to your widget Settings and use the relevant Additional domain link:


Note, that you'll need to add connecting script or subdomains the same way you did for the original site.

Troubleshooting #

Targeting With Multiple Domains #

If you're using multiple domains and want your widget to display only for one of them, use the Display Rules -- Show Only If -- Current page URL condition: 


Multiple Domains or WordPress Plugin #

Note that our WordPress plugin and related bonus targeting conditions are not supporting multiple domains. You may still add other domains and connect other sites as a custom website adding script manually, but the WordPress targeting will only work for the main site, which was connected via the plugin.

Other Issues #

If you're facing any other issues while connecting the site, feel free to create a ticket at our Support Forum - we'll be glad to help you!