A/B testing

With Convertful you have access to many options for analyzing and testing your opt-in forms. One of the key elements is A/B testing.

What A/B Testing is for #

When you create your widget you use certain words inside the text, title and button and certain images to inspire the visitor to subscribe. A/B testing is designed to test how using other words and images inside the same widget affects the conversion and choose an option that is more popular among your visitors.

How A/B Testing Works #

Let's say you have created a scroll box and got some conversion results with it, for example: 


Let's say, this widget got a featured image, title and button text, that you would like to change and see if it converts better: 


To try this out, you need to start an A/B Split Test of this widget: 


Next, create a name for this A/B test and press the Create Variation button:


Now you see both the primary and test widget in the list, but test widget got a special A/B mark before its name:  


You may now customize and activate it the same way you did with the primary one: 


Now, both the primary and test widget are active:


From now on, your visitors will randomly see one of 2 versions (primary or variation) of this widget:


In time, if you'll see that new version converts better, you may set it as primary and deactivate (or archive/delete) the old one: 


Useful Notes and Answers to F.A.Q. #

  1. You may create variations and A/B test any type of widgets (pop-up, scroll box, floating bar, inline, welcome screen).
  2. You may create as many variations of the same widget as you need. 
  3. Visitors, who have already subscribed to the primary widget (or its variation), will not see the rest variations if the relevant "Don't show again" behavior option is specified (or was specified for the primary widget - by default variations are copying behavior settings).
  4. You may also A/B test different behavior settings for the same content if you want to.