How to Connect Convertful with Zapier

With Convertful you can easily integrate your account with Zapier and use Zaps to send data to 3rd-party applications. Just follow the guide below to set up a Convertful Zap.

1. Install Our Zapier App #

We submitted our application for review and it will soon be available in the Zapier application base.

For now, you can use it following the direct invite link

2. Set Up Convertful Trigger #

Once App installed, you can set up the trigger. Start with choosing trigger's ID (Trigger 1 ... Trigger 10). Pick one and press Save + Continue:


The trigger you choose defines this exact Zap in your Zapier dashboard and you'll need to specify it in Convertful's button later on.

Next, you need to connect to your Convertful account using the relevant button:


Here you need to choose a site you want to connect Zapier to and press the Approve button:


Once account connected, you can test the connection and press the Save + Continue button after: 


Next stop -- choosing a 'Sample' to set up your app. Dedault sample 'Trigger A' will contain all default and custom fields you're currently using for the widgets of this site: 


If you'll need to add other fields, which not yet presented in the default trigger list, you can add those fields in Convertful widget and press the Get More Sample button to get an updated sample with relevant fields list.

Press Continue to finish the trigger customization. 

3. Set Up Action Step #

Next, you can add the action step to connect Convertful trigger with the application you need. 

For example, we'll show how it works with MailChimp. Start with searching and adding the MailChimp app. Next, choose an action you need and press the Continue button:


After this, you'll need to connect to your MailChimp account and press the Save + Continue once ready: 


In the Template step, you'll need to specify the list you want to add subscribers to and the email field to identify subscriber coming from Convertful by using the relevant dropdown list: 


Press Continue once you finish template customization. Perform (or skip) the test and press the Finish.

Once action specified, don't forget to give your Convertful Zap a name to recognize it in the Zaps list. Activate when ready.


4. Specify Trigger in Zapier Integration Settings #

Finalizing step: once integration and Zap are ready, the default action 'Execute Zapier default trigger' will be added to your widget's buttons:  


If you previously (in Step 1) specified trigger different from the Trigger 1 -- open your site's Integrations tab >> Zapier and specify the trigger you chose as default: 


That's it! Now your Zapier integration is ready and working.