If you are a WooCommerce and Convertful user, you can do the following:

  • Generate WooCommerce one-time discount codes for visitors using our gamification widgets.
  • Add products to cart via “On submit actions”, inside the buttons and other elements of our widgets.

The WooCommerce discount coupon generating and product adding via buttons are features that are currently available for WordPress sites, with WooCommerce installed and connected with Convertful via our WordPress plugin.

To make use of these features, make sure you update the plugin to its latest version, and re-establish connection with your site via WordPress “Dashboard” > “Tools” > “Convertful”, by manually disconnecting and reconnecting the site.


Generate WooCommerce one-time discount codes #

The WooCommerce discount codes can be generated for the Scratch Card or the Spin-To-Win gamification widgets. 

When editing your gamification widget, you will have the option to activate the “Generate WooCommerce Coupon” switch and specify the percentage discount for each prize option:



If the switch is activated, after the gamification animation completes, the widget will generate a unique one-time coupon code for the relevant percentage discount that you have set, which is bound to the provided email address.

You can see generated coupons in the WordPress section “Marketing” > “Coupons".


Each email address can only generate one coupon code, thus any visitor who tries to play the gamification multiple times, will still get the same coupon code he got the first time.

Adding Products to Cart via Button #

When you edit your widget’s button, open the “On Submit Actions” list and scroll down to the WordPress “Add product to cart” option:


It will then show the list of products from your WooCommerce stock, allowing you to pick the one that should be added to cart, when visitors click on the submit button.


If you have any questions, please submit a ticket and a member of our support team will get back to you.