Webhook Integration

With Convertful, you can easily set up webhooks to send forms data via HTTP POST and URL GET requests. Just follow the steps below: 

Step 1. Add Webhook Action to Your Button #

Click your widget submit button to open its settings and proceed to "On Submit Actions" list: 


In this list, pick the "Send webhook" action: 


Step 2. Set Up Your Webhook  #

Start with specifying your webhook's URL in the first input row: 


You can check if the webhook's URL is valid/working correctly by pressing the validation icon on the right: 


Next, specify the type of request you want to send to this webhook URL:

  • Use POST -- will form an HTTP POST request
  • Use GET -- will add data to URL GET parameters

Lastly, specify the data you want to send. By default, input fields you use on this screen will be added with their name and relevant values specified, but you can add more parameters and values as you like, via the Add Variable button: 


The variable name is specified on the left, and the value - on the right. If you need to send dynamic data, use the square brackets icon to see the list of available dynamic values. If you want to send simple text value, type it on the right without any brackets.

That's it! Your webhook is set up and ready, and the form's submit button will send the data to the URL you specified.