You can easily connect Convertful with Integrately and send data to services Integrately provides a connection with. Just follow the guide below: 

Step 1. Create new automation in Integrately #

Press the "Create new automation button" and select the Convertful and the service you want to connect with: 


Next, choose the "1 Click Automation" or create a new one by picking the actions for the lists "When" and "Do": 


Step 2. Add Connection with Convertful and the Targeted Service #

Start with pressing the "Add Connection" button for Convertful: 


Next, copy the webhook URL: 


After this, open your Convertful form and press the submit button to open its settings: 


Inside the "On Submit Actions" list, pick the action "Send Webhook", specify the webhook copied from Integrately, and add the fields you want to send:


To establish a connection with Integrately, you need to send a test record by pushing Convertful widget live and subscribing to it once. After this, press the "Refresh data" link: 


After this, follow the Integrately guide to connect the 3rd party service and assign fields you've just sent with the test record to this service


Once finished press the "Test and go live" button. 

That's it! The connection is ready and you can start sending data from Convertful via the Integrately platform.