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Importing 3-rd Party HTML Forms

3-rd Party HTML Forms #

Many 3-rd party marketing software providers are offering contact forms as well. You can use such forms inside your Convertful widgets to send subscribers data without setting up the integration, by simply embedding form's HTML code.

For example, let's take a look at ConverFox contact form: 


Its HTML code is: 

<form action=""  method="post">
<h4 data-person-attribute="headline">test</h4>
<div data-person-attribute="description">Please enter your email to receive promotional emails and offers</div>
<div><input type="text" name="fields[email]" id="fields_email"  placeholder="Email Address" required="required" /></div>
<div><input type="submit" value="Submit"  data-person-attribute="sign-up-button"></div>

Adding 3-rd Party Form to Convertful Widget #

To add the HTML form to your widget, first add a new HTML Code element: 


Next, paste the form's HTML code in the canvas on the left: 


After pasting the code you'll see the import pop-up, that allows you to assign 3-rd party form's fields to Convertful field types. Once finished, press the Import and Update the Settings button: 


That's it! Now the HTML form replaced default Convertful fields and will send data to the relevant marketing software list. You can see the import details in your widget's button actions list:


Features #

Additional Fields #

Depending on the 3-rd party software, the HTML form code could differ a lot and require certain additional fields, which you will see in the Go to URL and send action of your button. Such fields will be added automatically and it's strongly recommended to leave them as they are. Removing any of those could reflect in non-working form.

Non-Supported Forms #

We do our best to support all pure HTML forms, but also realize that there's a great variety of those on the market. If your HTML form isn't working correctly with Convertful, feel free to create a private ticket at our Support Forum and share an example code of such form, so we could help you and improve the functionality.