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Email notification about new leads

To make your widget send email notifications about new leads, first press your widget's button to open its settings:


Click the On Submit Actions and add the relevant action Send email notification:


In this action, you can choose an email you created Convertful account with and previously connected emails as pre-defined options, or connect a new one selecting a relevant item of the dropdown list:


Note that connecting a new email requires to enter a confirmation code, that will be sent to it to confirm email address ownership. 

When finished, you'll receive an email notification with subscriber's data any time you got a new lead from a widget with this action added. Note, that you can use multiple actions, as described in the relevant article, and send notifications to multiple emails.

Also note, that each account got a limit for sending a certain amount of email notifications per month, defined by the subscription plan:


(screenshot provides relevant data as of October 17, 2018)