How to Connect Convertful with CompanyHub

With Convertful you can easily integrate your account with CompanyHub and use widgets to grow and segment your mailing list. Just follow the guide below to set up CompanyHub integration and set up relevant actions.

Connecting Integration #

In your site’s Integrations tab, add new integration by choosing CompanyHub from the list. It will request your subdomain and API key, which you can find in your CompanyHub account settings. Go to your CompanyHub account, Settings section, Integrations tab and pick the API Integration item to see your subdomain and API key. If you don't have any API keys yet - you can create one by clicking the Generate API Key button.


Fill in the credentials and press the Connect button:


Actions #

When editing your widget's button, inside its settings you can see “On Submit Actions” / “On Click Actions” which you can use to perform actions provided by CompanyHub integration: 

  • Create contact with default settings
  • Update custom field


To add an action, just press the On Submit Actions button, the relevant Add Action button after, and choose the action from the integration-related list:


Setup Input Fields #

CompanyHub feature is that it allows using only those fields, that already exist in the list. When editing your widget's input fields, make sure that fields' names are matching relevant field names in your CompanyHub list: 


To use new field with your Convertful widget, you need to create it in the CompanyHub account first. 

How to Create a New Custom Field in CompanyHub Account #

To create a new custom field in your CompanyHub account, open the Contacts list and hit the Customize icon (gear) at the bottom:


Next, you need to drag and drop the relevant field type in the contact details area. For most cases, that will be a Single Line Text:


Lastly, type in the field's label and press the Save button. In your Convertful widget, you'll need to use this exact label when adding the relevant input field.