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Connecting Magento Website with Convertful

Step 1. Login to your Convertful Account #

First, login to your Convertful account or create a new one, if you don't have it yet.

Step 2. Add your Magento Site #

Open your site list and press the Add Site button. Specify the site's domain and platform and press the Add Site button again.


Next, you'll see a dialogue window to copy the script code from: 


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Step 3. Embed the Script Code #

Login to your Magento site. Open the CMS tab, Static Blocks page:


Next, choose the static block displayed on all pages, for example, footer links. Scroll it down to the Content canvas and press the HTML editor control:


Paste your Convertful script code in HTML window, hit update button and save changes.


Step 4. Check Connection #

Open a page of your Magento site with the script code pasted and refresh it (this runs the script and activates it). Now, go back to Convertful account and hit the Check Connection button for your Magento site:


That's it! Your Magento site is connected and you can start creating widgets for it.