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Connecting Custom Website

You can easily connect your website with Convertful via the embedded code, no matter which website platform do you use. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Add your Website #

Click the Add Site and choose the Other Platform connection type:8.png9.png

Step 2: Specify Website Details #

Here you need to fill in the Domain and Name fields and press the Add Site button:


Step 3: Embed the Code #

In order to do so, you need to copy the embedded code from the grey cell (see the screenshot below) and paste it on your website. This code works similar to Google Analytics code. You can add it to every page using your site's theme options or paste it manually on the pages, where you want the widgets to appear.

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Next, open your website page with the code pasted and refresh it, so the embedded code runs at least once. This will verify the connection from the side of your website. Once finished, press the Check Connection button:


That’s it! You can now open the list of your sites and see the new one connected with the status “Active”:


Now, all the widgets you'll create for this site will appear on it, according to their display rules.