Convertful Knowledge Base Site Connection Connecting Site via Google Tag Manager

Connecting Site via Google Tag Manager

You can easily connect your website with Convertful via Google Tag Manager, no matter which website platform you use. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Add Your Website #

In your Convertful site list, click the Add Site button. Specify the domain, platform and press the Add Site again: 


Step 2. Create new Tag in Google Tag Manager #

After pressing the Add Site button, you'll see a script code, related to your account. 


Go to your Google Tag Manager dashboard, Tags section and press the New button: 


For triggering, choose the option 'All pages' and press the Add button: 


For tag configuration, choose the option 'Custom HTML' and type your Convertful account script in its body: 


Save and publish the tag after. 

Step 3. Confirm Connection #

Once tag added, open any page of your site to run the script and press the Check Connection button:


That's it! Now your site is connected and you can start creating widgets for it.