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White Label WordPress Plugin

In this article, we'll describe how you can use customize Convertful plugin and customize it to create its clone with your own branding for your White Label application. Just follow the guise below: 

Step 1. Download the Original Plugin #

Go to WordPress repository and download the original Convertful plugin Unzip its archive after, to get access to the files in it. 

Step 2. Customize the General Description #

To do so, open the file 'convertful.php' using the notepad. 

Its first section allows you to customize basic information about the plugin, which displays in the WordPress plugin's list: 


Step 3. Customize the Links #

Open the file 'config.php' using the notepad and start editing its sections: 

Plugin Title #

This one refers to the plugin title, that displays in the WordPress Tools >> Convertful: 


The URL of your Dashboard #

Here, you need to replace the default value '' with the URL (custom domain) of your White Label dashboard:


The Link to the Connection Manual #

It's the link to our support portal, which you can see in the plugin's page: 

'connect_help_url' => '/docs/connect/wordpress/'


To remove this link, simply comment it out, by adding couple dashes before the 'connect_help_url' string, like this: 

// 'connect_help_url' => '/docs/connect/wordpress/'

Links to Your Logo #

Strings with 'logo' and 'logo@2x' refer to the URL of basic and retina-quality (twice bigger size) logo, which displays in the plugin's page: 


Replace those with the direct links to your logo.

Step 4. Save Your White Label Plugin #

Once finished customizing, archive the customized plugin back and rename the new zip file with your brand name. 

That's it! Your custom White Label plugin for WordPress is ready to go.